Template Development

Our staff of skilled Bricolage template developers can create the templates to format the output of your documents quickly. Whether you need XHTML, XML, or RTF output, or to generate dynamic pages that use server-side includes, PHP, ASP, JSP, Mason, Template Toolkit, or some other dynamic server language, our deep knowledge of the Bricolage API enables us to quickly create efficient, well-written, and documented templates that get the job done.

Kineticode’s experienced templators can also create the templates you need to trigger the publication of other documents (such as archive indexes or RSS feeds), or even to create and publish new documents automatically (such as for date archives). We can also create templates to interact with other applications, populate databases, or distribute email newsletters.

Contact sales@kineticode.com for pricing information.

Kineticode was our best vendor in this entire redesign effort. They hit their deadlines and have always been very responsive to our needs. The result is a solid implementation that delivers on our original requirements. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Nate Perry-Thistle, Performance Learning Systems