Needs Analysis and Technical Specification

Our Needs Analysis and Technical Specification services include two days of on-site consulting, where we work closely with your team to determine everything that needs to be done to get you up and running with Bricolage. We then provide you with a complete and detailed technical specification to guide the entire project through to launch.

Our most popular and valuable service is a Needs Evaluation and Technical Specification. This service has two parts:

Once your team has had a chance to review the technical specification and take advantage of your increasing understanding of how Bricolage works to make any necessary modifications, you will have a solid plan to guide the entire implementation process.

Contact for an estimate.

Kineticode came to our headquarters and worked with our team to define the structure, workflow, and permissions for our first site. This was invaluable and the real root of our success.

Nate Perry-Thistle, Performance Learning Systems