Installation and Configuration Services

Bricolage requires many dependencies to be satisfied before it can be installed. Once all of the necessary prerequisites are in place and Bricolage has been installed, a careful tuning of the database can dramatically enhance performance.

Our professional installation service compiles and installs all of the necessary prerequisites and then installs Bricolage itself so as to ensure smooth and reliable operation. We also tune the database for optimal performance on your server, and enable all optional modules required for your content managment environment. And finally, we will install database and application maintenance scripts and schedule them to execute regularly, to ensure that your database is always backed up and that Bricolage continues to operate at its optimum.

Kineticode also offers a service to set up and configure database replication in order to maximize server uptime in the event of database server hardware failure.

Contact for an estimate.

Bricolage is a powerful tool, and being able to get support directly from the maintainer makes it easy to access that power. The system was able to accommodate our unique requirements and constraints, while adapting to our existing workflow.

Neal Sofge, RAND Corporation