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Bricolage Developers Release 2.0

The Bricolage developers have released Bricolage 2.0. A revamped interface allows you to add fields (and groups of fields) to documents without leaving your current screen. You can drag to re-order elements and add categories and keywords via search-as-you-type autocompletion. Document definitions more flexible, so administrators can specify minimum and maximum number of occurrences for any field or subelement. Other highlights include native thumbnail generation and streamlined job and event tracking. Bricolage now runs on both Apache 2 and Apache 1.3, and can use either PostgreSQL (8.1+) or MySQL (5.0.3+) as its repository.

Read All About It Article by David Wheeler

O’Reilly and Associates’ has published the first in a series of articles by Kineticode president and Bricolage lead developer David Wheeler. The article, Content Management with Bricolage, targets organizational decision makers by offering a high-level overview of the content management ecosystem and how Bricolage compares to other approaches to content management. It also highlights some of the more important features of Bricolage, as well as a number of the Websites currently powered by Bricolage.

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eWeek Praises Bricolage 1.8.1

In an overwhelmingly positive review, eWeek’s Jim Rapoza sumarizes, Bricolage is quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available. The Web content management application features excellent administration capabilities, and it is highly extensible and capable of managing even the biggest and most complex Web sites. As an open-source product, Bricolage is free, and companies can now purchase support and development services from Kineticode.

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Bricolage Project Launches New Site

Kineticode and Bricolage lead developer David Wheeler have contributed the Bricolage elements and templates necessary to launch a new Bricolage-powered The templates that generate the new Web standards-compliant site have also been released under an open-source license.

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ComputerWorld on Bricolage 2.0

In his weekly On the Mark column, ComputerWorld Opinions Editor Mark Hall writes, Bricolage, as the open-source app is called, "is going through a major rewrite and being rearchitected," [Wheeler] says. The reason? Increased modularity and to give a jolt to performance.

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Linux Journal on Bricolage Alerts

In the second in his series of articles about Bricolage, Linux Journal contributor Reuven Lerner writes, Alerts are an excellent and practical way for Bricolage to bring relevant information to the appropriate user, rather than forcing users to go and seek out the information.

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Linux Journal Covers Bricolage

In the first of a series of articles about Bricolage, Linux Journal contributor Reuven Lerner writes, One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about Bricolage is it combines some of my favorite technologies — PostgreSQL, mod_perl, Apache and HTML::Mason — into a single application that is good for end users.

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The Register Chooses Kineticode

The Register, the UK’s number one online IT news source, has selected Kineticode to guide its Bricolage content management initiative. In its announcement, The Register touts Bricolage: It’s powerful, it’s flexible, it’s a perfect fit for the content we currently handle and the kind of content we want to handle in the future.

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Intranet Journal: Bricolage Challenges CM Vendors

Hailing Bricolage 1.6 as a stable new release making inroads into the high-end content management market, Intranet Journal’s Michael Pastore observes that the acceptance of Linux as a viable OS in the enterprise has opened some doors for open-source enterprise applications, and in the Web content management space there has been a decent amount of buzz surrounding Bricolage.

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Bricolage Stands Out for

In a thoughtful discussion of the emergence of viable open source content management systems, Bloor Research analyst Martin Langham writes, In the case of content management, a number of open source contenders are emerging but Bricolage, in particular, stands out in terms of capability.

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eWeek Names Bricolage Most Impressive of 2002

East Coast Technical Director Jim Rapoza writes: When an open-source application developed by a few authors and maintained mainly by one guy beats the pants off million-dollar competitors in pretty much every way, I’m impressed. The Bricolage project provides highly capable and extremely customizable Web content management capabilities, suitable for running even the biggest and most complex Web sites.

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eWeek Publishes Bricolage Tech Analysis

In a glowing review, East Coast Technical Director Jim Rapoza notes that Bricolage provides an open option that isn’t just capable but is one of the best content management systems eWeek Labs has seen, even eclipsing some of the best-known commercial products.

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