Founded by Bricolage lead developer and maintainer David Wheeler, Kineticode is the leading provider of services for the Bricolage content management system. Our deep understanding of Bricolage and experience with the content management needs of numerous content-heavy organizations has enabled us to develop comprehensive services that include planning, implementation, and development services, as well as training and technical support.

At Kineticode, we feel that it’s important to have a comprehensive approach to content management planning and implementation. We excel at managing every step of your content management initiative in order to ensure the quality and consistency of the end-to-end work as well as of the final product. In collaboration with your organization, we gain a thorough understanding of your content management needs to produce a detailed plan to guide the project to a successful completion. And in an age when failed content management rollouts outnumber successful implementations, our team executes that plan with the aim to maintain 100% client referenceability, so that Bricolage will become the product of choice for the content management needs of large organizations.