Kineticode Releases Bricolage 1.10

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Latest release offers revamped UI, PHP templating, LDAP authentication

Kineticode and the Bricolage developer community today announced the immediate availability of version 1.10 of the Bricolage content management and publishing system. A major step forward, Bricolage 1.10 is the culmination of over 18 months of development, with contributions from a world-wide network of developers and contributors. The result is a streamlined user interface, improved enterprise authentication support, and native PHP templating, among other advances.

This is a formidable release, said David Wheeler, Bricolage architect, founder and president of Kineticode. Many of the changes in Bricolage 1.10 are truly important, and a long time coming. Combined, they make for a more comprehensive, better designed, and more responsive user experience. Editors and administrators will be especially happy.

The most visible of the over 90 changes in Bricolage 1.10 is the new user interface. Rendered by Web standards-compliant HTML, the Bricolage UI features page sizes up to 70% smaller than in previous releases. The result is a snappier, more flexible presentation that makes the best use of modern browsers. The ability to expand your browser window and have the UI expand along with it alone was worth the effort, Wheeler said.

But perhaps the most exciting addition to Bricolage is PHP templating. We have always been able to use Bricolage’s excellent Mason templating architecture, said Celso Martinho, CTO of PT.COM, the Internet leaders in Portugal, and sponsors of the Bricolage PHP project. And now, with native PHP templating built into Bricolage, our entire developer staff can create of output templates for SAPO, Diário de Notícias, and Jornal de Notícias.

Native PHP support in Bricolage—a Perl application—was made possible by the development of an important new technology, known as PHP::Interpreter, that embeds a PHP 5 interpreter inside a Perl 5 interpreter. As a result, PHP code run by the PHP::Interpreter runs in a native PHP 5 environment, but can also transparently make use of any and all Perl libraries, including the complete Bricolage API. The result is a powerful programming language mashup that is sure to push Bricolage into new settings, as well as to foster greater collaboration between the Perl and PHP communities. PHP::Interpreter is truly an astonishing piece of work, added PT.COM’s Martinho. We’re very proud to contribute work such as this back to the Open Source Community.

Wheeler also highlighted Bricolage 1.10’s new editing environment. Because Bricolage enforces highly structured documents, it has not been possible to edit an entire document in a single interface, said Wheeler. The incredible new Bulk Edit interface finally allows writers to work on entire documents in a single editing environment. They can use our new find and replace dialog box to move things along, while preserving the integrity of the document structure.. I personally have already made much use of the new editor, and can’t wait for others to enjoy it, as well.

One other stand out feature of Bricolage 1.10 is support for LDAP authentication, which is sure to please IT administrators who rely on directory services for single sign-on to the applications they manage. We’ve been using it internally for months with our directory server without a single a problem. It’s great to have Bricolage so well integrated into our IT infrastructure, added Wheeler.

Bricolage 1.10 is available now from the Kineticode downloads page, from the Bricolage downloads page, and from the SourceForge download page.

About Kineticode, Inc.

Kineticode, Inc. ( is the leading provider of services for the Bricolage content management system. Founded by Bricolage architect and developer David Wheeler, Kineticode provides planning, implementation, development, and support services to customers as diverse as Radio Free Asia, Vibe and Spin Magazines, and Comcast Corporation.

About Bricolage

Bricolage (, an open-source enterprise-class content management system, greatly simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, and publishing the vast libraries of content essential to any organization. With advanced features such as fully-configurable workflows, customizable document types, and comprehensive Perl and PHP templating support, Bricolage has been designed from the ground up to scale to meet the demanding needs of large organizations around the world. This flexibility and scalability led eWeek to hail Bricolage as quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available.

About PT.COM is the Internet company of the wireline division of Portugal Telecom. is the leading Internet provider (ISP) in Portugal with more than 550 thousand customers and the leading Internet brand in terms of spontaneous recognition in Portugal (with the SAPO brand). also has an important Portal business (, the leading portal in Portugal), that provides Internet users with several contents and services, namely broadband content (live TV feeds, music downloads and content, sports information, ...), Email, Blogs, Homepages, SMS & MMS, Instant Messaging.

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