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Bricolage 2.0.0

Bricolage 2.0 is the first major release of Bricolage in years. Its UI has been completely revamped to allow you to add fields (and groups of fields) to documents without leaving your current screen. You can drag to re-order elements and add categories and keywords via search-as-you-type autocompletion. Document definitions more flexible, so administrators can specify minimum and maximum number of occurrences for any field or subelement. Other highlights include native thumbnail generation and streamlined job and event tracking. Bricolage now runs on both Apache 2 and Apache 1.3, and can use either PostgreSQL (8.1+) or MySQL (5.0.3+) as its repository.

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Bricolage 1.10.10

Bricolage 1.10 is the previous version of the Bricolage content management and publishing system. It added PHP 5 templating; LDAP authentication; a new, Web standards-compliant UI; and numerous other new features and enhancements, Bricolage 1.10 cinched Bricolage’s status as one of the top-rated CMSs on the market today. Version 1.10.10 fixes a number of bugs and adds several improvements.

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Bricolage 1.8.11

Bricolage 1.8 offers a vast number of new features, improvements, and performance gains. These include support for managing multiple sites from a single Bricolage instance, a greatly simplified templating API, email distribution, and over 120 other improvements. Bricolage 1.8.11 features a number of bug fixes and enhancements that make it a must upgrade.

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