David Wheeler, President

Kineticode founder and President David Wheeler received his formal training in anthropological archaeology, but while in the field he realized that he enjoyed creating a database for the project far more than he enjoyed counting pieces of pottery. With that insight, he changed careers and never looked back—a geek was born.

An experienced database application developer, David’s work culminated in the creation of Bricolage, an open-source enterprise-class content management system hailed by eWEEK as “quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available.” David led the team that developed the software, and handled much of the design and implementation as well. Today he oversees the Bricoalge project as lead developer and maintainer

David founded Kineticode, Inc. in 2001 to meet the growing demand for Bricolage consulting and support services. Drawing on contacts made over his years as a developer, he assembled a talented team to create a successful content management services company. As President, David’s responsibilities include strategic planning, new business development, and continued development of the Bricolage content management system.

In 2006-2007, David joined Values of n as CTO, where he worked on Stikkit, an online sticky notes application. David was also the primary coder for Sandy, an email-based productivity application that Lifehacker calls, “one of the most evolved reminder systems and remote command line apps available today.”

In recent years, David has written extensively on content management with Bricolage for the O’Reilly Network and spoken on scalable open-source software at a wide variety of conferences and venues world-wide. In addition to overseeing Bricolage, David’s consulting and coding services are offered by Kineticode on a freelance basis.

Melinda Phillips, CFO

Melinda has over ten years of experience managing and financially directing a small business. This concentrated, complete contact with the business provided the opportunity for Melinda to fully understand the joys and challenges of running a small business in today’s fast paced business environment. Melinda has gone on to combine this deep, practical experience with a strong theoretical background, completing a Master of Science of Business Administration with an emphasis on Business Analysis in 2000.

While Melinda has great facility with numbers and financial analysis, her greatest strength lies in her ability to listen to the needs of business owners and managers and provide common sense, practical approaches to the challenges they face. At Kineticode, Numbers without context are meaningless summarizes the philosophy in which Melinda ensures that the response to business challenges completely reflects the personality and circumstances of the business. There is no need to impose solutions from the outside. The goal is to create an appropriate response based on unique characteristics of Kineticode’s business.